Good deeds are always near

Having celebrated the holidays with the children from the city of Novohoperska (Voronezh region), the staff of the fund hurried on. Where? On the sports show “Family”, in the city of Kolchugino (Vladimir region). Participants, moms, dads and their children, swiftly passed the baton and enjoyed the entertainment – laser tag, volleyball, quad biking – sponsored by “Elektrokabel Kolchuginsky Plant” Ltd. The company traditionally celebrates its birthday, together with the foundation, arranging a day for family rest and sports.

Holidays and happy meetings in the summer waiting for patients and the Center for Children’s Oncology and Hematology in Yekaterinburg. As the leaders of the volunteer service told, the program of events is about to be drawn up, and the volunteers will certainly please the children with vivid impressions. Admission to the service is conducted all year round. To become a volunteer, it is enough to fill out a questionnaire on the website or contact the fund’s staff.

The holiday does not have to be noisy and noticeable. It can pass quietly and modestly: in one family, in the soul of one person. This happens, for example, when someone does a good deed: The necessary medicines, equipment is bought, the treatment is paid. In the summer, the project of helping the seriously ill children “He needs you” does not stop for a minute. Join it, just help, and let the holiday of good deeds always be with you!