“My family and I” is ready for the final game!

Fathers rode big inflatable horses like real cowboys. Mothers got fast into big yellow sumo wrestlers’ costumes and moved to a finish line gracefully. The youngest members of the teams drove scooters and hoverboards, move in huge boots and slippers. And it was only a small part of different vehicles and strange shoes that they used.

All teams, which took part in this last qualifying round of the sport festival “My family and I” in Tyumen, wanted to become a winner. All of them tried hard to cross finish line and to be the first, because every team had got a long way to go. Twelve families from ten regions of our country from Nakhodka to Caucasus took part in the qualifying round and it was at the first time.

“We see that every year more and more companies and families want to participate in the festival. We find new courts and arenas, which are ready to receive this sport and entertainment event. For us, organizers, it is the best performance assessment and it motivates us to create something new every time”, Julia Nutenko, the Director of the charity fund “Children of Russia” said.

Judges announced the final results and confetti shot out in the air in honor of The Medoev family from Vladikavkaz, who became the winners.

“We didn’t participate in the final game last year. I gave a promise that we would train hard and take part in the final round next year”, Aslan said with a proud smile. Aslan is the head of The Medoev family and the main inspirer of his family.

Six families will take part in the final round in the Palace of Sports of UMMC: The Bologov (Shadrisk), The Salikhulov (Sibay), The Vyazovikov (Revda), The Shaymukhometov (Uchaly), The Grebenshikov (Serov) and The Medoev families (Vladikavkaz). The organizers keep in secret all details about final competition, but they promise that every participant and every spectator will get lots of positive emotions. Leonid Agutin will be the guest of the evening.