The superpower of XVII festival “My family and I”

The mechanism of the magic clock started to work and all guests of the festival froze in anticipation of a real miracle. The long-awaited holiday was due to start in a minute. It was the birthday of the charity fund “Children of Russia” and Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company. But the magic clock unexpectedly stopped: the holiday was at risk and only real superheroes – sporting families could save the situation.  

Six teams which were consist of fathers, mothers and two children appeared getting applauses.  They had special trainings, covered thousands of kilometers and it was made just for one reason – to participate in the final game in the Palace of Sport in Verkhnyaya Pyshma and to give guests of the event a real holiday.

Vladimir Beloglazov, the Director of Common Affairs of OOO “UMMC-Holding”, the Vice President of the charity fund “Children of Russia” said: “We will support all participants, because we know how it’s difficult to face significant challenges”.

Only superheroes could restart the mechanism of the magic clock. All sports arena was full of bright colors and lights. The magic story became more and more interesting every minute and broken clock would start to work in a minute.

Feats of real heroes

This time even Aslan Medoev, who is good-natured and outgoing father of the family from the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania, didn’t talk much and was focused on the future challenges. He was so worried not only about him. He was worried about his children and wife and how they would do all difficult challenges. During all relay races he gave advises and cheered up his family.

“I think that my real feat is my wife and three children!”, Aslan said. That explained why he was so worried about them.

Teamwork helped The Grebenshikov family from Serov to overcome all the key challenges: they together jumped a huge rope and slid big runners.  According to Tatyana Grebenshikova, there is no secret.

“We do different activity. We ride a bike and go to camping at the summer time. At winter we together go to skiing and skating”, the woman said smiling.

The Vyazovikov family from Revda showed their skills too. Their mother did brilliant all air challenges. You can ask why. One day she has conquered the air.

“I think that my main achievement is a parachute jump. Fear and joy of the jump I can compare only with filings from event “My family and I”.

Evgeniy Bologov from Shadrinsk made a real miracle and took part in the final game. A few months ago he had an injury playing football and was made an operation. “I did everything to take part in the final. I did different exercises through the pain and recovered my leg”, he said. This will helped The Bologov family to take part in the final.

The Salikhulov family like other participants tried hard to be the first. They checked out fast on the rope, rode a hoverboard and crossed barriers with adroitness of acrobats. They don’t like to talk about their superpower, but all residents of their native city Sibay know their daughter Diana is an excellent pupil, prize-winner of the republican competition on checkers and that she plays volleyball. More than that, Diana took the second place in the skiing in the city. Their young son is a talented football player.

“I’m so proud of our children. I and my husband…we know how to educate them”, Aelita Rafikovna, the mother said.

Share superpower

Every team was worthy of the win, but the most quick and correct team was The Shaimukhametov family from Uchaly.  But they think that they are usual family and don’t differ from others. They have three children and every child is a good pupil and goes in for sports. They built a house and it took 9 years, but every detail of this house was made by their own hands. When the third child was born, they raised a real fruit-garden.

“I didn’t do anything unusual. I just completed all three points of a real man: a house, a son and a tree”, Ildar Rinatovich, the father said.

All challenges were completed and all families shared their impressions. Guests of the sports event enjoyed the performance of Leonid Agutin. The magic clock was restarted and moved faster and faster every minute. Every spectator received a part of the superpower: a joy and a good mood, which were presented by the XVII festival “My family and I”.