Maryana Naumova improves her own record

In September Maryana Naumova, a grant-holder of the Charity Foundation “Children of Russia” (Khimki town, Moscow region) improved her own benchpress record. On September 28 Maryana took part in the tournament “2013 Mr. Olympia”  (Las Vegas, USA) and pressed 122.5 kg. It’s a new absolute world record among girls-teenagers. 

The strongest teenage girl of the world isn’t going to stop. She is preparing for the European Tournament of Arnold Schwarznegger which takes place in Spain on October, 12. Thеn she is planning to take part in the Benchpress World Championship in Prague on October, 26.

Maryana Naumova is not only a unique and successful sportsgirl, but also a volunteer of the healthy lifestyle movement. A smiling, slim and fit girl shows her less strong agemates the easiest and most useful physical exercises. She eagerly shares her sports experience and impressions longing to captivate them with her enthusiasm and passion.

Pupils from Yekaterinburg will possibly also have an opportunity to meet the unique 14-year old stronggirl at the end of this autumn: Maryana’s compressed timetable includes a trip to Yekaterinburg.