Perform with clockwork precision

The young flutist Darina Shilyaeva became a winner of the first degree at festival “Fun to play together – 2016” and became a diploma winner at more prestigious festival “DUDAS”. These festivals were held in Ekaterinburg and these wins confirmed the girl’s talent again.

“Daughter practices a lot, but I can’t say that she spends all her free time. She has a real talent. Teachers and members of the different juries see this talent”’, the mother of Darina said.

For example, the festival judging committee called the girl after her performance and asked about her future plans. They were satisfied with her answers. Darina wants to enter a musical school and then enter to a conservatory.

Recently, Darina has been awarded a presidential grant and she will have master classes with musicians world-renowned in Sochi soon.

“Our scholars are unique and amazing kids. A real talented child can always find his or her own path to success and we only help them a little on this way”, Marina Panfilova said, the Deputy Director of the charity fund “Children of Russia”.

Thanks to this support, talented singer and musician Tatyana Loginova became a diploma winner of the 5th International festival n.a. B.T. Shtokolov.