We congratulate Timur Fakhrutdinov!

Timur Fakhrutdinov continues to achieve new results by the support of the fund “Children of Russia”. Recently his last results in the Russian Youth Championship were published. He took the second place in a lightning tournament and took the eight place in a classical time-control.

He has a busy schedule like all sportsmen. According to his coach, who is Sergey Zhuravlev, the main aim is preparation for European championship between youth, which will be in August in Prague and for World championship in Khanty-Mansyisk in September. It’s important to have regular practice; therefore we have planned hard trainings and two major events in Kazan and Warsaw.

“We congratulate our ward with new achievements and we support him on the road to the next sports achievements”, said Marina Panfilova, the deputy director of the charitable fund “Children of Russia”.