The Medoev family won competition, the Belozerov got the main prize

The month of May has been the most sports month for employees of OAO “Elektrocink” (Vladikavkaz) for 10 years. The charity fund “Children of Russia” holds events “My family and I” this time. The most clever mothers, strong fathers and restless and fast children compete against each other.

The General Director of the plant, Igor Khodyko said: “This competition is the tenth and I welcome and congratulate with this anniversary all people, who take part in it today”.

According to organizers, the management of the plant gives parting words to families before the beginning of competitions. There is the best way to introduce participants and cheer them up. Participants show their ability to work together as a team and good conditions and parting words help to be pumped.

The Medoev family had to pass through four phases. There was the sack race, race on stilts, riding a scooter and skateboarding and etc. They won local competitions without any problems again. Their eldest son is 15 and he has lost the right to participate in “My family and I” competition. Now their youngest son Artur took his place. More than that, Diana, their daughter, has grown. This team participated in the final game last year, but took only the fourth place. “We want to get into the final game and show good result, because all family members are in good conditions”, Aslan Medoev said with a smile. He is the main power and team leader.

The Paivin, the Kadiev, the Gudenko and the Platov families received the applause, but audience remembered the Belozerov family more than others. The youngest participant Soslan, who is 6, was the main hero of competition. All people cheered for him and his family. The Belozerov family took the last place, but got the main prizes of the competition for “will to victory” and “the youngest participant of the competition”.

The Deputy Director of the charity fund “Children of Russia”, Marina Panfilova said: “Mothers, fathers and their children unite. They achieve important results such as team work, mutual understanding and team spirit and we hold the competition for these moments”.