The Games are continuing!

More than 500 winners from 16 countries are gathered in Moscow. The children were excited in the arena of the CSK Sports Complex. Colourful flags have soared into the sky There were flags of Turkey, Kazakhstan, India, Belarus, Ukraine, Hungary, Germany, Bulgaria and, finally, the most important flag of the World Children’s Games of the Winners, the main flag of aforesaid flags. These games are conducted by the Give the Life charitable fund for the eigth time. Unique athletic competitions for children who have undergone cancer and have completed their treatment have started!

Everything is allowed for the children and clowns!

A tall foreigner dressed in a strict waist and a Scottish kilt came up to a group of children from India and asked: “Ash voozi abbrar?”.  If it wasn’t for a neat clown nose, he would pass for one’s own in any foreign team.  Nevertheless the clowns became  one’s own for everybody during the Games. How did they turn out well? It was very simple. Clowns were thin and fat, tall and low, in vivid overalls, awkward hats, red-haired and wore chequered, striped, and flower-dotted costumes and they were able to talk to everyone almost without words. In the language that every child understands, that is the language of cuddle, smiling and pranks. During the track and field competition, the clowns ran right to the tracks, held their arms out in front of finishing athletes and supported those who were last.

Our finalists that are 10 winners of the regional selection tour tried to hide their anxiety and honestly acknowledged: that they practiced  before games and hoping to be among the best. For example, 11-year-old Sofia Golovkina is engaged in sports aerobics: She easily makes a cartwheel, split, walk in her arms. Her personal record on push-ups is 54 times per minute. “Mom, do I have to run first?” she asked and received a wise answer:  “You, above all, run beautifully.” And indeed, when Sofia ran, it seemed yhat she ran easily and effortlessly. That’s how she brought a first golden  medal for our team.

The daughter never stopped practicing even when we were in hospital.” She perfrormed a pistol squat having held a drop-counter stand. Once a doctor entered into a patient room and asked strictly “What are you doing?” She answered him: “I’m going to do 10 squats, then I will start a long fly- the girl’s mom revealed.

The second golden figuratively flew to us with a supersonic speed. That’s how 16-year-old Dasha    Bogdanova passed the distance via passing the sound barrier. She confessed that was going for athletics but not before the disease. She was surprised: How was it possible to develop such a speed?

After we went into remission and all catheters weer took off as well as a doze of medicines was decreased, I did not know what to do. ,Mother of Vanya Griugoriev confessed that it is usual for his son to take medicines, to make injections and to for watch indicators during all the time of treatment.

Now this question is no longer asked in his family. The boy is going for athletics, swimming, cycling, table tennis and winning in competitions not only in his native village of Baranchinsky, but also in the district and regional competitions, too. He took part in the Games and was the third. Therefore he was quite upset. It is unusual for him to have bronze medals.  As a consequence, he will win a golden medal!

Men’s Talk

Semyon Yakimov, the eight-year-old boy, had a first in his life serious men’s conversation with his father during the Games. Well, it was common for the boy is used to win in running. But now he has not won any award.

Vadim told his son t hat our defeats allow to see our weaknesses. As a result, if we know our weaknesses, we will be able to overcome them.

The wish to be first has made a strong influence to purposeful Semyon.  In shooting competitions he was concentrated as highly as possible.

As a result, it was the third place and not just Semyon, but Mr. Semyon Vadimovich Yakimov shaked hands to his new friends from distant India. These new friends were the same rascals as Semyon.

Adults at this moment were puzzled:  How did children understand each other? Although, everybody understood each other during the Games because every participant has his or her own victory that is deteat of his or her illness.

Kathalyn Bartyic is a children’s doctor and  she guids a Hungarian team. It is  her first time here but she is impressed by everything.

Ayalym Userbabyeva from Kazakhstan says: ‘We are not newcomers in these competitions. Last year we won 11 medals’. ‘The guys that had become members in this year had been running, shooting, swimming since January in order to win.’

Our 16-year-old Kirill Bushljakov also trained to get two bronze medals-bronze for running and shooting. Well, he has been continuing to go for such sports as athletics, tennis and powerlifting for a many years.  Duringthe time of the illness, Kirill was not allowed to think of defeat for a moment. And he trained.

His father jokes that Kirill and his family were called gone with the wind in a hospital.  We did not listen to anybody and did everything in our own way. We did not abandon the sport and we went to Volga for holiday after the sixth stage of chemotherapy. Just we went.

Our Mentors

Constantine, the Father of Kirill, became an unofficial coach for all our team during the Games. He was able to explain to every child and every adult how to become a winner in sport and in life.

Arthur, you should took part in competitions and you should enter to the regional level!’ ‘Katya, you should ask Kirill about practical works because he has already passed physics. Dear Irina Nikolaevna, you should clearly understand the nearest future of Dasha

Any question has its own answer. The master class for all kinds of sports besides chess was created.  Nevertheless an own special mentor occured there. One of the judges worked during the simultaneous game exercise was slightly delayed after it was finished. Chesspieces and boards were not taked out and childern started to play.

Klim Sidorov is the candidate master of sports, the winner of the European Tournament, and the referee. He had  answered questions of Katya Malygina, and afterwards he played with her and with Arthur Stepanov. Then he showed a pair of chess openings. The children listened to him with a great interest and the evening passed prapidly.  It was time to Christian, but the questions and the excitement of the chess players seemed to only get bigger with each minute. So, the time to play is to be tomorrow

We watched to Klim sandly. However, he agreed to go to the playground before start of the chess tournament in order to conduct few lessons for children.

He revealed that he took part in games for four years. Eight years he suffered from a disease.  When I was in a hospital, volunteers visited me and helped me and I know how it is important for children.

Well, it is unknown what was the most helpful – either trainings or confidence kids had after mentoring but they took the full complex of awards.  Miroslava Sikatch has the golden medal, Katya Malygina has the siver medal and Arthur Stepanov has the bronze medal.

“Don’t wait for a miracles, create, create the miracle themselves”

It is the words of Mazim Belsky, an illusionist.  And people did only thing that freaked. The city of entertainments with was created for the purpose of fun. There were master classes, photoboothes, candyfloss and ice-cream.  Also celebrities visited a small scene and freaked too.

Zhenya Yusim, the winner of the regional competition, painted biscuits first in his life and presented them to his mother and Olesya Murashova, our finalist, got a bunch of flowers, first in her life, too. From whom? It is a secret.  Currently our team from the Sverdlovk Region has its own rostrum.  Also we have two fairy witches: Our camp counselors Dasha Udintseva and Eva Beloussova tried to ‘obtain by a witchcraft’, for example, a bus, and helped us to become closer to each other and with all the orgainisers and participants of the Games.

It seems that one more miracle, that is the Games of the Winners, seems to be finished, bit for the first sight. They are going to be continued because it is a huge kind holiday that collected more than 500 winners in one arena. As a result, it still warms our hearts.