A play and creativity is lovely doctor

The new playroom opens in a children’s clinic Krasnobrodsky village, Kemerovo region. The room was created by the Charity found “Children of Russia” under the auspices “Coal Company “Kuzbassrazrezugol” Ltd.

Each room, that was opened open be the fund – is a mini-project, designed for the specific needs of the facility. Cozy corner for games, which appeared in the Kemerovo region, also has a number of features. Its uniqueness stems from the fact that there is only one hospital in the village Krasnobrodsky for the children and adult. According to doctors, there was no need room, but rather, a cozy lounge, equipped so that the boys and girls of all ages can comfortably expect to receive for the attendance.

Such room was created by the fund: soft flooring, colorful modules, cupboards with toys, ottomans, large cubes alphabet and a huge obstacle course – all this will give to the patients a lot of opportunities to play.

– It is the first room, where we, along with play equipment for younger and middle-aged children have built a zone for very young wards of the hospital. – Said Julia Nutenko, the director of the Found “Children of Russia”. – We and our partners have acquired several changing baby’s tables.

It wasn’t a fortuity; we planned to open the playroom at the end of November: it was a gift to the “Mother’s Day” to all children in Krasnobrod Sky village and their loving parents. This cozy, bright and lovingly crafted corner will bring the boys and girls of all ages a lot of warmth and joy.

– We are very pleased to have such a gift – Vladimir Zarechnev, the head Krasnobrodsky urban district thanked the management of the fund and the coal company. – Such moments are always very pleasant. Especially when it is do for .