Everyone was a fan of “Moore-meow”.

One of the halls of the Palace of culture of Serov city is more like a dressing room of a huge creative team, in which there are several hundreds of artists. In one corner of a spacious room, small dancers flutter in hot-bird suits, in the other – the first spring flowers blossom, or rather bright colorful applications on the hoops, which, apparently, will decorate the scene during one of the acts.

For the outside viewer, there is much fuss and mess here. In fact, every person in this noise and clutter is busy with his special and very urgent business – the preparation of small artists to perform at the gala concert of the V festival of children’s creativity “Ladushki” among pupils of kindergartens. It is the fifth year in a row that the Charity Fund “Children of Russia” and the Nadezhdinsky Metallurgical Plant are organizing.

The participants recognized: it took several months to be prepared for the performance, and now they were impatient to go on stage. Alisa Tiunova came with a solid support group – mother and grandmother. “We are very worried, we worry more than children,” -smiled mom, Irina Valeryevna. With one hand a woman fastened her daughters hairpins in her hair, the other – straightened the suit. Alice also repeated the dance moves. A real “free bird” – I wanted to add with a smile. That was the name of the girl’s act.

Is there room for the apple?

If that evening a lone apple would have rolled into the hall of the House of Culture, it would have had to leave it sadly, because there was not a single free space on either of the two balconies. Parents, teachers, participants, fans – all with pleasure watched the adventures of Kai and Gerda, enthusiastically applauded each act, and under especially incendiary melodies even gently danced.

Waltz of spring flowers, cheerful “Robot Bronislav”, a magic flower, which young dancers created from wide colorful ribbons, and many other amazing surprises forced to believe: It is worth making the first step in creativity, and the world around blooms. When is the time for the first step? Yes, right from the kindergarten!

According to Anastasia Ahmedullova and Ekaterina Zhuravleva, for a “cat” number in which their daughters, Milena and Alina participated, everything from fluffy tails to masks – was prepared by a leader, a physical culture instructor. By the way, by most small contestants opinion that dance, called “Moore-Meow”, was one of the best tonight. Why? “Because it’s hilarious, because there are boogie woogies, and a whole story of an incendiary party with the motto” Cats are cats! “- so the children counted.

In total 407 small artists of 3-7 years – pupils of kindergartens, houses of culture, art schools and creative studios took part in the competition. 214 guys came in the final who performed vocal and choreographic numbers, and also showed their skills in the field of rhythmic gymnastics.

According to Olga Chernetsova, General Director of PJSC “Nadezhdinsky Metallurgical Plant”, every year “Ladushki” collects more and more small artists. “This is a great joy for us! Today, the room is full, and it is an excellent sign of how much in demand is what the UMMC, “The Children of Russia” Foundation and “Nadezhdinsky plant do together.