From Julia with hope

When we asked the girl why she wanted to give all her money to sick child, she answered: “I just want to help Liza”.

“It is her character. I usually ask her, “What present do you want?” Moreover, Julia answers, “I do not want anything”. She is an altruist. She tries to do more for others than for herself. We saw different videos about severely ill children, of course, but we did not tell her about charity and help to children. She made this decision for herself.”

During our conversation, Julia was staying near her mother and smiling. She held empty moneybox in her harms and her first official document that she was benefactor. It was a receipt of credit and cash order for 2700 rubles. Julia saved up money for months. She gave all her money without regret and sadness. According to the girl, good deed is better than sweets and entertainments. We asked the girl, “Do you want saved up money again?” She answered, “Yes”. What to add to this dialog?! Eight-year schoolgirl took a firm decision.

“The girl’s mother said, Maybe it is out family trait. Our dad works on the railroad and he is engaged in social issues. He cares about every person who needs help. We even wanted to create our own charity fund. Maybe someday dream will come true.”

We are so proud to meet this eight-year-old schoolgirl. We hope that this support will help Elizaveta Sentsova to beat her disease!