Towards the amazing world

Young participants of the Russian festival-contest of the young talents “Diamond panes” can make real miracles. By fulfilling their dreams, they let to a tremendous flight an incredible bird – fantasy. Its plume is pouring all the colors of the rainbow and the bright colors of the children’s paintings. In a  ringing voice – magic songs, in which both merry laughter and iridescent  tears, because sometimes, when you feel something special, they  unwittingly appear … from happiness. And  if this miracle bird suddenly starts talking lines from children’s  stories, sketches, essays, then it is simply impossible to break away  from its fascinating and full of adventures story.

This year, young artists, writers, vocalists – an incredible space for imagination and two topics for thought: “Imaginarium Country” and “The earth was wrapped in thin threads.” The works are accepted in presentio from 23 January to 21 April 2017, by mail – sending till 10 April. Full information – in the Regulatio.ns.