Suddenly turned out to be in … opera

Every day  Andrey Leshkin, a gifted pianist, a fellow of “The Children of  Russia” fund, he dedicates to music, and the music, as if greeting  his passionate love for it, diligence and hardworking, gives new creative  successes. In 2016, he performed on the scenes of Yekaterinburg philharmonic and conservatory. He participated in the XXV International Creative Competition named after Kabalevsky (Samara), where he took the second place.

In speaking of the competition, the young man humbly confessed: “Yes, I was worried, but the second place is a very good result.” The musician noted that competition was serious and the composition of contestants was strong. The support of the audience helped to get rid of the excitement, and the experience gained helped  to become a little bit more confident.

Not long ago, Andrey performed on another stage, the Sverdlovsk State Academic Theater of opera and ballet. But, of course, not with dance pa or aria, but with the party on his instrument – piano.

“I  and four other musicians during the opera “Passenger” play in the orchestra, but at the same time we are on stage as artists,”  – the pianist  shared. “Recently we presented the production in  Yekaterinburg, and on 19 February it will be on the stage of the Bolshoy Theater, in Moscow, with our participation.”

The young man admitted that it was an interesting and exciting experience: Thanks to the instructions of the New York director Tadeusz Shtrasberger, he felt natural and confident.

“We wish Andrey to conquer all the scenes with his magic music, including the opera”, – noted with a smile Julia Nutenko, the director of “The Children of Russia” fund.