The International Charity Day was celebrated in the air and on earth

In the last days of summer, young skydivers from the Ural Guards Sports club (Verkhnyaya Pyshma) held the Day of Charity. For the first time the children were thinking about helping sick kids and they decided to support those who needed it, by skydiving.

According to Andrey Terleev, the head of the club, all the boys were afraid and excited the day before. They worried not only about the jump, but because it was the first time they did it for someone else. They got emotions under control and lifted the flag of the diseased children project “HE NEEDS YOU” at a height of 1200 meters, and landed with it with new experiences. Now they’re benefactors.

Staff members of the Fund “Children of Russia” met international Charity Day together with their wards, patients of the Centre for Pediatric Oncology and Hematology of Oblast Children’s Clinical Hospital No. 1 in Yekaterinburg. The clown and cartoon heroes Fiksiki came to the festival. The funny guests brought balloon bouquets and pockets full of smiles and laughter to the children.

The International Day of Charity is an occasion to recall the importance of doing good deeds; including the start of a new project of buying equipment for the Centre for Pediatric Oncology and Hematology. Specialized equipment is needed to carry out more bone marrow transplants and to give a chance to recover to those children who are already waiting in line for this vital procedure.

“The main purpose of this important holiday is to remind everyone that people should help each other”, – Julia Nutenko, director of the Fund “Children of Russia”, said. – Help may be different, but there’s always someone waiting for it. “We are convinced that our benefactors are absolutely happy people, because there is nothing more important than saving children’s lives.”

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