“Sem-Ya” has started

Outside the window of sports complex “Olimp” of Shadrinsk town it was a cold autumn wet day, but inside, on the arenas and the sports ground, it was hot as in summer. The hall was full of spectators with multicoloured air balloons. Singers, dancers, circus actors and, naturally, the main characters – four sporting families – were the artists. These were the components of a real cheerful festival which was held by the Fund “Children of Russia” on the 9th of September.

The spectators with sports passion competed in play competitions of the presenter and rejoiced at fairly “earned” Chupa-chups, expanders and pencils. The Balyshevs, Grebenshchikovs, Fukalovs and Agafonovs with intensity of real Olympians vied for the first place and the right to get through to the final round of the festival. Victory doggedly sought out someone to whom the preference should be given. During the relay-races it changed its decision several times. This wilful and intent lady chooses the worthiest. Once again it remained true to its habits. In the result the Fukalovs from Rezh town became its favourites. “Last year we failed in the qualifying round; and we have been training throughout the year”, – the team’s farther confessed.

The next qualifying round will be on the 16th of September. Rubtsovsk city will meet it for the first time. Even one of these days the organizers with sport requisites, prizes for the teams and spectators will depart for Altai Kray. On this date the most significant guest, victory, will arrive there too. Which of six participating families will be able to conquer it with their speed, dexterity and family-like teamwork – we’ll see soon!