Three times and another “iron” in nature

The star of Natalia Ostyakova, a gifted singer from Tyumen city, is beginning to shine brightly with every new showing in the big scenes. She got to the VII International Competition “St. Petersburg in the mirror of the world musical culture” with the support of “The Children of Russia” fund.

Another creative competition has shown that 9-year-old Natalia becomes an artist who is not just a good singer, but she can also show an iron character. The fact is that, during the competitive trials, she caught a cold. Throat, running nose, the weakness, it was hard even to get off the bed and go to an excursion, let alone to perform an incredibly complex composition. But only not for Natalia.

“The daughter surprised the teacher by the way she was able to meet and, despite her illness, to perform at a high level: She became the winner of the second degree, shared Alexey Ostyakov,  the father of the girl.  – She was noted in the competition and it’s a great success.”

Natalia’s family admitted that upon return home, a strong and unwavering artist instantly turned into a little girl who was seriously haded and badly felt. Now, thanks to the tender care of the family, the high temperatures fell down; bed rest helped to restore strength and to begin preparing for the next competition with enthusiasm and dedication.