To take in the arts

Recently a special guest – an artist and art expert, Nadezhda Matsenko – visited the Centre of child oncology and hematology of the city of Yekaterinburg. In a small session, there was everything but boredom. While Nadezhda was talking, attentive and interested listeners came to the room. But the guest and volunteers did not talk only about the impressionism.

Everyone interested were offered to take a brush in their arms and put on a face of artists-impressionists. As the result, children forgot about their hospital routine and enjoyed the process tremendously. The parents with the delight immersed themselves in the painting world too and created little masterpieces.

“Now we plan to hold such sessions more often and hope a lot that more and more volunteers will help us”, noted Anton Kuznetsov, clinical psychologist, one of the managers of volunteer service.

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