The journey to “the beautiful faraway”

It was the seventeen open all-Russian Contest of young talents “Diamond panes”. Young painters, writers, vocalists and dance troupes from all over Russia presented their stories, pictures and records of performances.

The Director of the charity fund “Children of Russia”, Julia Nutenko said: “We chose two topics every year. This year we have chosen “The beautiful faraway” and “Life is like a movie”. These topics give full freedom of creation”.

Childhood dreams

The professional jury chose 110 works. According to the experts, all these works were devoted to dreams of children. All works were full of bright colors and interesting characters and exactly expressed by wonderful language of art. For example, St. Petersburg was “the beautiful faraway” for Vasily Brelgin. The boy from Ulan-Ude told the story about this city and its places of interest. He saw all of these in his dreams and then dreams would come true.

The boy’s teacher, Nina Gimaldinova said: “Vasily told about his feelings, hopes, expressions, dreams, ambitions, expectations and meeting with something beautiful”.

Anastasia Enakieva, in contrast to Vasily, is not so shy. The young winner from Kerch can tell you about her love of art for hours. Nine-year old girl has recently begun to draw, but she has an uncommon and vivid imagination. She creates the whole world full of bright colors. Her teachers say that the girl is unique, because she appreciates light and design of the picture keenly and she doesn’t use eraser.

Fairy tales full of life

Almost 200 hounded children took part in an awarding ceremony. All winners had received prizes and the concert began. Vocalists and dancing troupes presented their colorful stories.

Taisiya Zemskova, the girl from Ekaterinburg, helped everybody to translate to a fairy place in a second, where beautiful angel was flying in a silver light. This angel was the symbol of peace and kindness. The fantasy came to life in a few minutes after performance. A real “Guardian Angel” appeared on the stage. The Chief Doctor of the children’s hospital №9, Andrei Karlov received the memorial statuette of Guardian Angel. This statuette received person, who helped save the lives of thousand children.

There were so many different performances. Daria Ivakina, the girl from Gay (the city in the Orenburg Region) sang about the ways of the dreams and Alina Aizyatova from Ulyanovsk sang about the sea voyage on the small and fast ship. The choreographic ensemble “Surprise’’ from Ivdel danced amazing number, which named “The side of rain”. All people joined in singing this funny song.

Reach the dreams

All winners of “Diamond pans” try to reach their own dreams, but there are children, who have already reached them. Alisa Kozhikina is the winner of the first season of the project “The Voice Kids Russia”. The pretty and smiling girl was a conferencier of the concert and she also sang a several songs. Alisa admitted that it was rather interesting experience for her and she was a little worried about that.

The girl said modestly before the gala concert: “It is my first experience. I have never been a conferencier before and it is difficult imagine how it will be”.

Other guest of the concert was Danil Pluzhnikov, the winner of the project “The Voice Kids Russia – 3”. He arrived in Ekaterinburg from Sochi and performed at the “Diamond pans” too and so that it was his gratitude for the charity fund “Children of Russia”.

“We asked the fund for help a few months ago. We needed some support for payment of the tickets and accommodation in Moscow. And our requests were answered. So, we can’t refuse this invitation”, the boy’s mother said.

All people were impressed by the song “I’m free”. An audience gave standing ovation and many people were crying. People cried understanding that every dream will come true, if you try hard and move forward with an open heart. And every person, who visited this gala concert, dreamed to reach for the stars.