There are only a few days left until the Run begins!

The charity run of lawyers “Ural Legal Run 2016” is a unique fundraising project, which unite lawyers all over the world for helping severely ill children the third time.

“Ural Legal Run” will be held the first time in Ekaterinburg. It will take place in the Central Park of the Culture and Rest n.a. V.V. Mayakovsky (Ekaterinburg, ul. Michurina 230). All collected funds will be spending on helping to participants of the project “He needs you”.  The beginning of the registration will be at 9:00 a.m. and start of the run will be at 11:00  a.m.  Now the number of participants comprises 183 people. All of them were registered and they chose one of two distances (3 or 5 kilometers). There will be lawyers and other professional groups.

We thank all people who have registered on our website. There are only a few days left until the Legal Run 2016 begins and we ask all people to take part in it! Today when it is sunny, the flowers leaves are out a morning run are joy, health and bright impressions for whole day. Your participation will be the gift not only for you, but you will bring hope to children”, said Marina Panfilova, the deputy director of the charity fund “Children of Russia”.

The payment for registration is 700 rubles. You can register on our website of the project “He needs you” or on the official website of the organizers. People who want to help, but don’t have possibility to run can help sending any amount and can be just a fun.