We thank all those who decided to run!

For two month every person can register for taking part in the charity run of lawyers “Ural Legal Run”. Citizens of Ekaterinburg joined the run, which took place in 26 cities and 14 countries all over the world such us Russia, USA, Great Britain, Germany, France, New Zealand and etc.

There were 300 people who decided to take part in this charity run in Ekaterinburg. And every person became a benefactor for severely ill children who were participants of the project “He needs you”. According to Yevgeny Shestakov, organizer of the run, the main aim of this event is to consolidate lawyers for making truly good thing.

Participants of the run said about good and family atmosphere in the Central Park of the Culture and Rest n.a. V.V. Mayakovsky. People understood how much this charity run meant for severely ill children, in spite of their wish to support their friends, colleagues, mums and dads in race. Not only lawyers took part in this event. For example, Natalia Levochkina, language translator, said with a smile that she wanted to have a good time and to help children.

“All collected funds would be used for realization of the project “He needs you”, said Marina Panfilova, Deputy Director of the charitable fund “Children of Russia”. “We warmly thank organizers and we are so happy that they have decided to hold the run in Ekaterinburg and have chosen participant of our fund “Children of Russia”. We thank a lot people who find a way to help severely ill children”.