Timur Fakhrutdinov, a grant-holder of the Charity Foundation “Children of Russia”, told the students of the Chess Academy about his performance on the European Championship and made a public “postflight analysis” – he showed the ninth game of the classic chess tournament on a demonstration board.  

In the hall except for young chess players there were also their parents and coaches who work with junior talents. The audience appeared to be not indifferent to chess and to Timur’s sports career. And step by step the game analysis turned into a real lecture with the analysis of variants, variants of the variants, variants of the variants of the variants… Timur moved chesspieces with a lightning rapidity and every time restored them again, no matter how far the matter went. The performance was fascinating even for those who are not well-informed about the peculiarities of the art of chess. 

Timur’s coach Sergey Zhuravlyov says: “Now we are going to a training camp, than to the UrFD championship, and after that there will be a very big tournament in Timur’s career, his first world championship in the United Arab Emirates”.

According to the coach Timur becomes stronger and stronger. Thanks to the support of the Charity Foundation “Children of Russia” Timur meets the strongest competitors, improving his level of game. 

“Timur Fakhrutdinov is a special and very strong player. We congratulate him, his coach and everyone who supports the young sportsman with this distinguished victory”, says Elena Ustinova, director of the Charity Foundation “Children of Russia”.