They are first-grade pupils today!

There were flowers, the first school uniform, backpacks full of bright notebooks, yearbooks, pen cases and etc. Children met their first teacher, had their first lesson and homework, and first marks. All of these became the main theme of the holiday, which was held for children from Serov (the Sverdlovsk Region) with the support of the charity fund “Children of Russia”.

I know! I help!

People were surprised and amazed seeing many white balloons and inscriptions #IKnowIHelp. This hashtag became the main idea of the action, which the charity fund “Children of Russia” realized in the International Day of Charity. The main aim of the action was to show that everybody create the bright and alive feeling of sympathy, warmth and support in his or her heart.

A new “palace” for preschool children

Bright seesaws and spinning rides stood motionless in peace and quiet outside. Children’s slides and little houses were sad, because there were no children around. Also you could see a nice and pretty building with a sign “The kindergarten “Ryabinushka” close to the playground. Not so long ago, there were a lot of people, who fixed walls, floor, windows and utility lines. They were creating a real fairy tale.

The summer with “Pioneer” theatre chain

The sea is rough. It changes its color from blue to green. A little goldfish is swimming on the surface of the water in this bad weather. And now the sea wave has covered her, but this little runaway goldfish doesn’t want to give up. Fins of the fish transforms into hands and legs, red scale becomes a dress and wind blows red hair.

The great joy and invaluable experience

One day we received a touching letter from Tyumen from the united family. They have five children and every child is unique and gifted. Parents try to see the talent of every child and try to develop it. Their daughter Natalya has a good voice. She studies an academic vocal performance and she has already won a lot of different musical contests.

The magic song of the cooper trumpet

Maxim Ilyasov is a real star of his native town Novokhapersk (the Voronezh Region). The gifted trumpeter won many competitions of different levels. Recently, he has become the laureate of the first degree of the competition “the Great Russia” in Sochi with the support of the charity fund “Children of Russia”.

From Taganrog with new achievements!

The young designers and painters, who are the students of Alla Dianova, are unique. They feel keenly colors, materials and harmony of every new project.  Students study painting and creation of handmade dolls, collages and crafts. Children studies in the Vladikavkaz design-studio, which is located in the Center of aesthetic education of children “Tvorchestvo”. But the word “crafts” can’t describe in fulsome details children’s compositions, because it actually looks like sculptures, which are made of paper, fabric, clay and other materials.

Dancing on the main square

A lot of people didn’t know anything about this event which was held here on 1 June. But music, bright colors and atmosphere full of joy and emotions attracted their attention and they joined us too.

80th Birthday of a “good friend”

There is a film in Boris Yeltsin Presidential Center… where you can see three little blue pigs, light-green Kolobok, striped Cheburashka and etc. No, it’s not installation of modern art. Young guests paint Soyuzmultfilm’s characters with childlike spontaneous and using bright colors. Children were shown new cartoons and it was only the beginning of different summer events.

Summer season has been opened

Unusual guest visited young patients of the Child Onco-Hemotology Center №1 in early June. It was clown Erzik. Funny and fidget clown made a regular day of children more fascinating. He performed conjuring tricks and told funny stories.