There are robots on the stage!

Felix and Arnold can speak; they dance carefully watching each other’s movements. During the action the “artists” change their rhythm and adjust to the partner, and their electronic hearts are beating like one. Three young inventors from Yekaterinburg have created these robots, taught them talk and move to music and, under the guidance of a professional choreographer, even staged a whole turn for them.

Running for the sale of Goodness

It was difficult to believe that several hundred people assembled near the Dinamo game Sports Palace were mostly lawyers, law firm employees and law students. Business suits, ties and, along with them, the usual businesslike manners were forgotten at home. Adults and children enjoyed with a good weather, a festive mood, and prepared for distances. The Ural Legal Run charity race takes place in Ekaterinburg for the second time.

“The most important thing is the praise of the teacher!”

Since the age of four, Artem Alymov has been studying music at the Kim Nazareth Children’s Art School. “I myself asked to go there. Most of all I wanted to enter a children’s jazz orchestra, ” – the boy confessed. When he was six, the cherished dream came true: the child became the smallest member of the collective, having secured the trombone part.

Game winning goal

The whole week of spring vacations on the ice of the Alexander Kozitsyn arena was in full swing. The best young hockey players of the Urals, Bashkiria and Orenburg region fought for the main award of the “Children’s hockey tournament in memory of Alexander Kozitsyn.” Who will be the first, was decided during the final meeting between the teams “Avtomobilist-Spartakovets” from Yekaterinburg and “Metallurg” from Serov (Sverdlovsk region).

Everyone was a fan of “Moore-meow”.

One of the halls of the Palace of culture of Serov city is more like a dressing room of a huge creative team, in which there are several hundreds of artists. In one corner of a spacious room, small dancers flutter in hot-bird suits, in the other – the first spring flowers blossom, or rather bright colorful applications on the hoops, which, apparently, will decorate the scene during one of the acts.

Suddenly turned out to be in … opera

Every day  Andrey Leshkin, a gifted pianist, a fellow of “The Children of  Russia” fund, he dedicates to music, and the music, as if greeting  his passionate love for it, diligence and hardworking, gives new creative  successes. In 2016, he performed on the scenes of Yekaterinburg philharmonic and conservatory. He participated in the XXV International Creative Competition named after Kabalevsky (Samara), where he took the second place.

Three times and another “iron” in nature

The star of Natalia Ostyakova, a gifted singer from Tyumen city, is beginning to shine brightly with every new showing in the big scenes. She got to the VII International Competition “St. Petersburg in the mirror of the world musical culture” with the support of “The Children of Russia” fund.

Travel to the edge of Europe

Every year in the last days of autumn, the visitors of “Yekaterinburg” library centre  make a small journey. France, Czechia, Italy, and now – Portugal. All these countries were imprinted on the canvases of the young artists, the students of Gymnasium No. 8, “Lyceum named after S.P. Diaghilev”, and during the exposures opened new, bright and unexpected.