Another journey of Nicolay Rundkvist Honoured traveler of the Russian Federation opened his own photo exhibition in the heart of Chernozem

40 photographs of the leader of the expedition «North Pole» (1994), «Russian roads» (1997), «One hundredth meridian» (2002), «Republic of North Ossetia – Alania» (2007), «Amazing Kuzbas» and many of the others, the author of 15 books will be exhibited in the Novohopersk museum of local lore (Voronezh region) during one month.

To unite play and study There is a special room for «special» children in Elan-Koleno village.

This room – tenth by this time, opened within the framework of «Children in a hospital». It intended for studies, games and rehabilitation. There are the area with soft units and meccano, dry pool and soft padded stools for active children. There are colors, plasticine, developmental simulators, dolls, meccano and a lot of different things for the most assiduous children. A computer is for study, a table – for painting and touch-sensitive board.

Charity project “He Needs You” and its head Tatiana Dudarenko were highly appraised by their collegues

The “Man of the Year” award is conducted in Yekaterinburg for the fourth time. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that the winners are defined not only by the specialists but also by the colleagues. The category “Charity” appeared for the first time this year and immediately embraced the biggest number of participants. The expert commission defined 11 representatives of this professional activity as the nominees. All of them are heads of charity funds and social organizations whose projects turned out to be the most interesting and important for the city and region.

11 points out of 10 possible

A scholarship holder of the Charitable Fund “Children of Russia”, young pop singer from Gai town (Orenburg region) brought home the grand prix of the prestige international festival-competition “AHÍ DONDE ESTA LA FIESTA” (“Where a holiday is”).


Timur Fakhrutdinov, a grant-holder of the Charity Foundation “Children of Russia”, told the students of the Chess Academy about his performance on the European Championship and made a public “postflight analysis” – he showed the ninth game of the classic chess tournament on a demonstration board.  

After a storm

The sports and entertaining show “My Family and I” becomes peculiar every year: new competitions, new families-participants, creative spots and new performances of Russian celebrities. This year “My Family and I” was conducted in a marine style: water noise, little sailors in striped vests, stage made like a deck, and a boatswain-host, and his little assistant, a sailor boy by the wheel.

Maryana Naumova improves her own record

In September Maryana Naumova, a grant-holder of the Charity Foundation “Children of Russia” (Khimki town, Moscow region) improved her own benchpress record. On September 28 Maryana took part in the tournament “2013 Mr. Olympia”  (Las Vegas, USA) and pressed 122.5 kg. It’s a new absolute world record among girls-teenagers.