“Sem-Ya” has started

Outside the window of sports complex “Olimp” of Shadrinsk town it was a cold autumn wet day, but inside, on the arenas and the sports ground, it was hot as in summer. The hall was full of spectators with multicoloured air balloons. Singers, dancers, circus actors and, naturally, the main characters – four sporting families – were the artists. These were the components of a real cheerful festival which was held by the Fund “Children of Russia” on the 9th of September.

Today is the International Charity Day

The International Day of Charity has been celebrated since 2013 by all concerned countries, members of the United Nations. It is no coincidence that Russia has also joined this important event. According to recent studies, every 7th citizen of the Russian Federation is a benefactor.

More “sweet vitamins”

Today the little patients of Kirovgrad hospital had a real holiday. A cheerful event helped to forget about tablets and injections and enthusiastically study the advantages of the new game room which was presented by the Fund “Children of Russia”.

The most valuable for each family

From today the bird stork, a symbol of family values and birth of infant’s life, is meeting newborn natives of Ural. The new sculpture is situated near the principal entrance to the Regional Perinatal Center of the State Budgetary Healthcare Institution of Sverdlovsk region “Children’s Regional Clinical Hospital No.1”. This is a present of the Charitable Fund “Children of Russia” and UMMC for the Perinatal Center and all its patients.

The winners again

For years the pupils of Anna Dianova, a teacher of Vladikavkaz design studio under the Center of aesthetic education of children “Tvorchestvo”, have been surprising the jury of the all-Russian festival- contest of young talents “Almaznye grani” by their art work. With the support of the Fund, the gifted masters could take part and win the judges of several prestigious competitions where they represented not only painting, but also applique works, puppets and three-D compositions.

There are robots on the stage!

Felix and Arnold can speak; they dance carefully watching each other’s movements. During the action the “artists” change their rhythm and adjust to the partner, and their electronic hearts are beating like one. Three young inventors from Yekaterinburg have created these robots, taught them talk and move to music and, under the guidance of a professional choreographer, even staged a whole turn for them.

For the new winners

An exhibition of the brightest photo moments of the first regional Games of the winners was opened in the Center for Children Oncology and Hematology of the Regional Children’s Clinical Hospital No.1.

And again — exams for the highest score

Darina Shilyaeva has passed several emotive and significant events. The first one is final exams in the grammar school, after which in her school certificate there are only three “good” marks and the rest are “excellent”. According to Darina’s grandmother, the most anxiety was before the second one: the entrance examinations to Musical College named after P.I.Tchaikovsky. A hundred of diplomas and awards for participation in various competitions, a great love of tender melody of flute, high skill – and still Darina was not completely sure of what she would enter. And now the long-awaited results became known: the flute – 10 points out of 10 possible; solfeggio – 9 points out of 9 possible. With such scores, the girl immediately fell into the freshman ranks.