Even more domesticity

The sports festival “Family” the Foundation “Children of Russia” holds more than 15 years. During this time, more and more regions join funny family competitions: It’s spectacular, funny, sporty and, most importantly, family-warm and friendly.

Good deeds are always near

Having celebrated the holidays with the children from the city of Novohoperska (Voronezh region), the staff of the fund hurried on. Where? On the sports show “Family”, in the city of Kolchugino (Vladimir region). Participants, moms, dads and their children, swiftly passed the baton and enjoyed the entertainment – laser tag, volleyball, quad biking – sponsored by “Elektrokabel Kolchuginsky Plant” Ltd. The company traditionally celebrates its birthday, together with the foundation, arranging a day for family rest and sports.

The Games are continuing!

More than 500 winners from 16 countries are gathered in Moscow. The children were excited in the arena of the CSK Sports Complex. Colourful flags have soared into the sky There were flags of Turkey, Kazakhstan, India, Belarus, Ukraine, Hungary, Germany, Bulgaria and, finally, the most important flag of the World Children’s Games of the Winners, the main flag of aforesaid flags. These games are conducted by the Give the Life charitable fund for the eigth time. Unique athletic competitions for children who have undergone cancer and have completed their treatment have started!

Running for the sale of Goodness

It was difficult to believe that several hundred people assembled near the Dinamo game Sports Palace were mostly lawyers, law firm employees and law students. Business suits, ties and, along with them, the usual businesslike manners were forgotten at home. Adults and children enjoyed with a good weather, a festive mood, and prepared for distances. The Ural Legal Run charity race takes place in Ekaterinburg for the second time.

According to the rules of Her Majesty the Fantasy

On this day, on May 26, at first glance, nothing unusual happened in Yekaterinburg. The townspeople hurried on their business; Friday night, bright sun, flowering apple trees. Running pedestrians and drivers behind the wheel did not notice the most important thing: Thousands of sparkling precious threads stretched through the streets and squares from all over the country and even from Belarus, Kazakhstan, China to the Yekaterinburg theater of the young spectator. There was a gala concert of the contest “Diamond Planes”, which was held for the 18th time by the Charity Fund “Children of Russia”.

Big wins of small stars

Uralets Timur Fakhrutdinov, a gifted chess player, a scholarship of the “Children of Russia” foundation, a two-time European champion and first-grader Kazbek Gioev from Vladikavkaz are not familiar with each other, but “met” on the pages of this site not by chance: the reason for this is the successes they have achieved thanks to the fund.

In the frame – the winners!

The first regional stageof the World’s children’s games of winners gave a lot of vivid emotions, new acquaintances, and a real holiday. The phrase “Oh, sport, you are life” has become true for lively and unforgettable paintings of races, swims, hot tennis games, and intense chess fights. Beyond each of them are sincere tears and rays of unexpected joy. Many of these moments are captured in our photo-arhive. We invite you  to look again at the races and their participants — the children who have won the oncology!

All of them are winners!

So long as the adults have completed the necessary documents, the children tried on the uniform and sincerely rejoiced: finally, the feast begins! They, the participants in the first regional stage of the World children’s game winners, were eager to start. Table tennis, chess, athletics, shooting and swimming are five kinds of sport that competed children from different towns, villages, and towns in the Middle Urals.